Geordie Noir

Been working on another new song this weekend, in between going to see friends in one band playing a benefit gig, having other friends to visit, walking the dog, checking on the olds and removing the ridiculous amount of excess greenery from the front garden before the winter sets in. Anyway, the lyrics came out of catching sight of the phrase “lost to the winter weather” in a random tweet I spotted. The phrase evoked a kind of Cold War Le Carre scence of defectors on a foggy East German bridge, the glare of headlights, steam trains, secrets, snipers and spies…


With all that in mind a little story of the cold war came into my head. It was going to be an acoustic number, but once I’d blocked out some beats to help me keep time, it was then crying out for some bass and once it had bass it needed some rock guitar. Anyway, I looked around for a copyright-free noir film still, my choice was of a smouldering brunette, but I couldn’t find anything that I wouldn’t have to pay royalties for so I just a picture from our summer holidays when we got caught in a hellish storm and blended it with my current bio photo and added some cinematic styling too. Hope you like the artwork and the song that it accompanies.

You can use the BandCamp player to stream it and it’s just $1 to download. It’s also streamable on SoundCloud. Once I’ve done a final, final, final mix, I’ll get iTunes to publish it as well.