Bait & Switch – Mono Stone Remix

Manchedelic allstar Dek “Mono Stone” Ham has applied his astounding production and remixing skills to my latest song “Bait and Switch” (which was previewed on Sciencebase) and taken it to a whole new level.

Bait and switch

There was a key under the mat,
but you changed all the locks
There was a note deep in your pocket,
but no stamp for the box

I saw a light up in your room,
but your heart was like stone
And though you strayed out of the gloom,
there was nobody home

There was a seed inside the pot,
but no water for the bloom
There was food there on the table,
but no taste in the room

You wore a smile and a little more,
but you cried on the inside
And though you veil all that you feel,
there’s no place left to hide

When you turn about face
I can’t stay in that place
Switch and bait me
I know that you’re cunning

When I find the right pace
It’s the end of the race
Bait and switch
is the game that you’re running

Words & music by dB
Guitar, vocals and breath dB
Production, additional guitar, bass and percussion programming DH aka Mono Stone
Artwork DH

In Glorious Stereo!