The Tide That Never Turns

This latest song of mine, discussed on Sciencebase, has gone through so many mix iterations, vocal retakes, guitar solo retakes, overdubs, FX overlays and underlays and eventually the addition of an earbusting ton of Moog Taurus Bass Pedal sounds to accompany the Mini Moog atmospherics.

Similarly, the artwork I did for the track has gone through several iterations too. The original photo was of The Mediterranean sea gently lapping rocks, The Med being the literal tide that never turns (although it does a bit), once the Moog was on I snapped a photo of my synth keyboard and overlaid it on to the rocks.


The next iteration was to make it look a bit more like an actual vinyl record sleeve and draw an “Acoustic Advisory” sticker for it to warn people about the guitar flanger. I then added a magnifying glass, pincushioned the sticker and made it look bigger and then plopped the sleeve on to an old desktop background image…I hope this detail is of some interest to readers…but either way, have a listen to the song!