We three kings..?

This multi-part rock song was originally called Three Chill-fractured Stones, alluding to desert rocks cracking in temperature extremes. It was a desert painting, a tale of three travellers seeking a golden light in a foreign land. An allegory for life but also an allusion to three famous men of Willowdale, oh and the “three kings/wise men”.

This is the Christmas 2014 remix with an extended finale. Can you spare 8 minutes? Turn it up to 11 it’s worth it for the transition from acoustic to rawwwwk.

Words, music, acoustic and electric instrumentation, mixing and mastering by Dave Bradley. Production advice from @DontLookListen and encouragement for the longer solo from @andrea-thomson-1 and “Rev Coffee”. From my “Wishful Thinking” album, available on BandCamp along with “Songs of Experience“.