david-bradley-wigThis is The Three Esses: Songs, Snaps and Science – website from science journalist David Bradley. Originally, I was using it as a repository for my photos from various events and it still serves that function, but I’ve added a few sounds lately, cover songs, self-penned orignals and instrumentals and my own brand of eclectic rock on which I play guitar, sing, play a bit of bass and mix up a few drum sounds as well as collaborate with various other musicians.

My Instagram and Flickr accounts are still active as is my Facebook page and Twitter account. You can hear more of my sounds on SoundCloud and BandCamp.

Been playing guitar since age 12, so three and a half decades almost four decades, give or take, and singing in a community choir for 10 years (everything from Snow Patrol to John Rutter by way of Labi Siffre and Queen), some of us have recorded at Abbey Road Studios with composer Karl Jenkins and performed some of his original choral work at the Royal Albert Hall. We have also performed at Cambridge’s West Road Concert Hall as well as various other local venues. I also have a gigging band that plays the local pubs doing cover songs from the 1960s onwards and some of my original songs.

Currently, I’m recording my own stuff with Taylor acoustic and Fender electric, Yamaha bass, an Eko 12-string and occasionally an Ovation acoustic-semi and an Ibanez acoustics. Have recorded a lot of instrumental stuff for years with the assistance of a JM4 looper and other gizmos. Got a condenser mic and USB interface for vocals (and guitar) about five years ago and that in combination with a hald decent DAW and lots of VST processors has been my recording studio workhorse. I have also produced the latest album from Clive-upon-Sea.

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