Escape to the stars


I have been musing on this idea that when we eventually make this planet totally uninhabitable through our short-term greed and ignorance there are some people who think we might be able to escape to another planet. Perhaps one of the myriad exoplanets discovered in recent years circle other stars may well represent a distant mirror of our world existing in a Goldilocks state.

Unfortunately, a lack of anything even vaguely like a spaceship to take us there or a way to keep us alive for the centuries it would take to get there doesn’t seem to deter the dreamers. In a sense, good on them, we need dreamers. It was always dreamers who struck out to brave new worlds…But, in leaving what are those pioneers leaving behind, besides their pride?

Escape to the Stars

Over the water, no anchor out at sea
Islands will be washed away by change

Climbing up our mountain believing we’re free
Emptiness that clings hides only rage

You’ll see them as they struggle through the years that roll by
You know that they’ll try their best but in destiny they’ll die

But the air is poisoned, so there’s nowhere left to hide
Could we leave behind this empty shell with no pride?

Ever looking upwards it’s the stars that draw us near
If stardust’s what we’re made from then our fate is ever clear

Over the water, no anchor out at sea
Our island washed away by change

Know how we struggled as the light years flew by
Know that we suffered for the dreams we left to die

And the air that we poisoned, left us nowhere else to hide
So, we left behind that empty shell and our pride